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Conveyancing - ResiDential

-Selling or Buying your Home or Second Home
-Selling or Buying Investment Residential property
- Houses or Apartments
-Freehold or Leasehold
-Mortgage at time of purchase or Re-mortgage legal work
-Equity Transfer Releases


Conveyancing - Commercial

Sole Traders, Partnerships or Companies
-Buying or Selling all types of Commercial Property
-Freehold or Leasehold
-Buying or Selling a Business with the Property
-Landlords granting a new lease or renewal of existing lease
-Tenants taking a new lease or renewal of an existing lease
-Mortgage or Re-mortgage legal work
-Compliance with legal requirements by Landlord or Tenant on Statutory renewal



Why leave who benefits from your estate to chance? - Make a Will, everyone should have one

-Wills tailor made for you
-Home Preservation Wills help to preserve assets, eg; Care Home Fees/ Remarriages
-Appoint Guardians for Minor children
-Additional Inheritance Tax Free Band on Main Residence
-If you are a couple, not married or not in a Civil Partership, and have not made a Will, you do not automatically benefit from your partner’s estate
-Couples married or in a Civil Partnership, where there is no Will, do not necessarily inherit the whole of the estate of the spouse or partner



Usually (always where there is land) a Court Order (Grant) is needed

-Advice on whether Grant is needed
-Sympathetically provide the support and service that you want
-Obtain information required to obtain a Grant
-Obtain the Grant from the Court
-Collect in the assets, make any payments required and distribute the net estate
-If appropriate advice on possible future Inheritance Tax savings will be available



Company - Partnership - Sole Trader

-Set up Partnership including Limited Liability Partnership
-Redundancy and Compromise Agreements
-Contracts for the supply of goods and services


Inheritance Tax

On our team we have Lionel Conner and Ashley Picken who are both solicitors of many years standing and members of the Law Society and of The Society of Trust....


Elderly Care

-Safeguarding Savings and Property
-Equity Release Guidance
-Powers of Attorney
-Court of Protection


Power of Attorney

Loss of Mental Capacity can happen to anyone, at any age and anytime. Everyone should consider having a Lasting Power of Attorney without this an expensive Court application is needed

-You choose who makes decisions in these circumstances
-You can give them power to deal with your Financial Affairs and/or to make decisions about your Health and Welfare
-We listen to your wishes, advise you and prepare the Power(s) of Attorney in accordance with your wishes and register them
-We can brief your Attorneys
-If you need to register an old Enduring Power of Attorney we can help
-If you are too late and a Power of Attorney is not possible we can deal with the application to the Court of Protection


Court of Protection

If someone has lost the Mental Capacity to deal with their affairs and does not have an Enduring or Lasting Power of attorney someone will have to apply to the Court of Protection for a court order appointing them to act on behalf of that person.

  • Advice on procedure
  • Completion of the detailed documents needed
  • Making the application for the Court Order
  • Advice and assistance on dealing with the persons affairs under the order
  • Completion of annual returns to the Court of Protection


When it becomes the time for the boss and a member of staff to part company and there is an employment settlement or a redundancy payment...


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